Scrumptous Salada
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Bon App├ętit!..

Scrumptous Salada is the premier "fast and easy" healthy food shop. We have a deep belief that fast food doesn't have to be saturated in fat and oils to be delicious. At Scrumptous Salada you'll only find the most delicious salads made from premium local ingredients. No longer do you have to take a guilt ridden trip to the food court in your lunch hour, let us provide you with a delicious and healthy treat that you and your body will love. We are certain our wide range of healthy food will please any appetite.

What we do

Scrumptous Salada has always strived to provide the most delicious and healthy choice of food for our customers by providing a healthy alternative to the "greasy" fast food chains that dominate the food market. It is only the beginning of Scrumptous Salada Newcastle, and we hope that in the future we can expand to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in Australia. Be sure to check out the news section of this website to find out more about our future plans!